Wide blue skies, soft water.

Punt Championships 2012

Harnser (James Jarvey and Paul Jarvey)
Cavender (Robin Slatter and Lesley Haines)
Swallow II (Emma Daniels and William Daniels)
Progress Cup
Harnser (James Jarvey and Paul Jarvey)
Hardchine Trophy
Harnser (James Jarvey and Paul Jarvey)
Broadshaven Trophy
Cavender (Robin Slatter and Lesley Haines)
Cuckoo Cup
Rushlight (Max Dixey and Felix Dixey)
First Lady Helm
Swallow II (Emma Daniels and William Daniels)
First Lady Crew
Cavender (Robin Slatter and Lesley Haines)

A good mix of traditional and modern punts gathered for the 2012 Championship, representing some 91 years of the classes’ history.

In a light and fluky south-westerly wind, Harnser, sailed by the Jarvey brothers, James and Paul, made the best start in Race 1, reaching the windward mark just ahead of Simon and Rachel Clayton in Peregrine. Vying for third behind them were a gaggle of boats, Comet, (Richard Whitefoot and Chris), Snark (Mark Elson and Bart Sawyer) and Swallow II (Emma and Will Daniels). Off the wind, Harnser showed astonishing speed with her asymmetric, leaving the symmetrically rigged Peregrine far in her wake to take 1st place. Meanwhile, Robin Slatter and Leslie Haines in traditional punt Cavender were biding their handicap, eventually pushing Peregrine into joint 3rd with Comet on corrected time. Sadly, skyhooks were not in evidence for the crew of Kingfisher whose rig went over the side shortly after the start, ending their weekend before it had properly started.

A shift just before the start of Race 2 persuaded the crew of Snark that they should try a port-end flier which so nearly succeeded, but didn’t by a quarter of a foredeck! This race saw better fortunes for the Claytons as they hung on to first place over the water for the entire race. Despite this however, they were still unable to save their time on Harnser, being pipped by nine seconds on handicap. Brian Wilkins came in third in Shoveler having managed to overtake Snark on the last round.

A slight change in wind direction for race 3 obviously suited the traditional punts with 3 of the first 4 places being taken by the older boats. 1st was Cavender, with Max and Felix Dixie taking a creditable 2nd in Rushlight in their first championship. Snark, a hardchine, managed to sneak in among the traditionals to take 3rd.

Sunday morning produced a slightly fresher (and less muggy) north-easterly breeze off the sea. Swallow II made the best of it off the line in race 4, rounding the first mark ahead of Harnser. However, they were unable to hold her off for long and the ever present Cavender was also snapping at their heels. The race finished with Harnser 1st once again, Cavender 2nd and Swallow II 3rd.

The 5th and final race saw Harnser make the best escape from a messy start line to fly away again. Behind her the race became largely processional with Swallow II’s consistent sailing giving them 2nd and Snark finishing the series with another 3rd.

The Championship Cup thus went to the Jarveys in Harnser with Cavender 2nd and Swallow II 3rd overall. Harnser also won the Progress Cup for 1st over the water and the Hardchine Trophy. The Broadshaven Trophy for traditional punts went to Cavender and the Cuckoo Cup for first punt helmed and crewed by juniors to Rushlight.

Race 1 1st Harnser, J Jarvey, 2nd Cavender, R Slatter, 3rd= Peregrine, S Clayton and Comet, R Whitefoot.

Race 2 1st Harnser, 2nd Peregrine, 3rd Shoveler, B Wilkins.

Race 3 1st Cavender, 2nd Rushlight, M Dixey, 3rd Snark, M Elson

Race 4 1st Harnser, 2nd Cavender, 3rd Swallow II, E Daniels

Race 5 1st Harnser, 2nd Swallow II, 3rd Snark


18 Aug 2012, 10 a.m.
19 Aug 2012, 6 p.m.
Norfolk Punt Club

Best four results: Saturday at 12.00, 14.00 & 16.00

Trophies or Prizes for the following categories:
Punt Championship Trophy – overall winner on handicap & tankards for the first
three helms and crews.
Progress Cup – first boat over the water
Hard Chine Trophy – first hard chine boat
Broads Haven Trophy – first traditional boat
Cuckoo Cup – highest placed 18 and under (as at 1st March 2012) helm or crew
First Boat over the water in each race – a bottle of champagne, no boat or helm
to win more than one bottle
First Lady Helm & First Lady Crew – on handicap, bottle of champagne

Sunday at 10.30 & 12.00

£25/boat, before Wednesday 15th August, £30 after until Sat 11.00am If you
enter but do not attend, a full refund will be given, if notified by writing or
e-mail by Wednesday 15th August.

Tow out to pontoons will be by 11.00 Saturday and 9.45 Sunday
Briefing on the Pontoons at 11.30am

Visiting boats may be kept in the BTAC field but must not arrive before Friday
evening. Please tie halyards and loose lines away from the mast to prevent
disturbance to residents at night.

Those wishing to store boats in the field for the regatta please notify the
secretary regarding berthing details. Please remove boats at the end of
racing on 26th August. Storage fee £10/boat payable to BTAC.
Conditions: - All boats shall be in possession of a current measurement certificate. If you
have had new sails or had your boat rebuilt and these have not been
measured you will not be eligible to win any prizes. A measurement form and
payment of measurement fees must be received by Wednesday 15th August
to guarantee a measurement certificate to be issued before the
- A minimum of £1,000,000 Third Party Insurance must be held.
- Please note that buoyancy aids are compulsory if the red flag is flying
- Same helm must sail all races
- All entries are made at the owner’s risk.
- Payment for leaving your boat in the BTAC field must be received with your
entry fee. (cheque for £10 payable to BTAC please)
- Please make entry fee cheques (£25/£30) payable to Norfolk Punt Club.
- Any exceptions to the above conditions or class rules must be submitted in
writing with the entry form for consideration.

There will be an informal gathering with free wine and nibbles after racing on
Saturday 18th , approx 18.30 at Marsh House, Barton Turf.