Wide blue skies, soft water.

Athene Cup

Comet (R J Whitefoot and Mike Cullum)
Gamecock (Ruth Owen and James Owen)
Redwing (Rupert Redington and Chris Tuckett)

This year's Athene Cup saw a fleet of 11 punts, 6 from Barton, 4 from Hickling and Comet (currently of no fixed abode) converging on Thurne Mouth in very gentle breeze and lots of rain.

Sadly one of them, Wild Goose, never made the start after an incident at Potter bridge. John Parker and James Savage staunchly supported from the bank, but they couldn't hide their disappointment. At least most of us got to see them more than once during this race, which isn't always the case...

As the start approached the weather improved, resulting in some pleasant sunshine and a very usable wind.

Comet lead the race from start to finish while Woodpecker, Pipit and Redwing remained in contact despite a great deal of more-or-less dignified scuffling.

In the end the timings were very close, with Ruth and James slipping Gamecock neatly, after correction, into the 28 second gap which separated Comet from Redwing.

Thanks go to NPC who organised and supported the race faultlessly. The cakes, of course, were impeccable.

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10 Oct 2015, noon
Thurne Mouth
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