Wide blue skies, soft water.


20 Nov 2015, 7:30 p.m.
Church Rooms, Ludham

Norfolk Punt Owners Association
The Annual Meeting of the Norfolk Punt Owners’ Association will be held at the
Church Rooms, Norwich Road, Ludham. NR29 5QA
Starting at 7.30pm on Friday 20th November 2015
1. Apologies for absence
2. Minutes of the meeting held 21st November 2014
3. Report from the Handicap & Technical Committee
4. Proposed Hardchine Norfolk Punt Sub-Class Rules from Handicap &
Technical Committee (supplied)
Proposed by Neville Khambatta (Chair)
Seconded by Richard Whitefoot (Secretary)
5. Proposed Norfolk Punt Class Rule Changes from Handicap & Technical
Edit Rule 23, ‘Name’ to now be titled ‘Registration’.
• The name shall be submitted to the Association Honorary Secretary for
approval. Traditionally boats are named after birds or fish.
• Plans for new boat designs or other innovative alterations to existing
boats shall be submitted to the Association Honorary Secretary before
being undertaken, for approval by the association committee.
• If you have any modifications done to your boat (re-deck, new
centreboard case, hull panels, compete rebuild etc) it must be remeasured
by an approved class measurer.
• The Hardchine mould may only be used by a builder approved by the
Norfolk Punt Club (N.P.C.) Committee; a fee will be due to them for
Proposed by Neville Khambatta (Chair)
Seconded by Richard Whitefoot (Secretary)
10. Travellers series - Flight Trophy
11. Election of Officers:- Chairperson, Hon Secretary, Measurers
12. Election of the Handicap & Technical Committee
13. Programme for 2016
Should any other members of the Association wish to submit any further
proposals for consideration at the AGM would you kindly forward them to the
Secretary by 5th November 2015, along with the name of a seconder.
Please note: the AGM is open to all owners (and joint owners) of Norfolk Punts.
Others are welcome as observers. Where there are joint owners only one vote
per boat is allowed.
Afterwards Drinks at the Kings Arms, Ludham (I min walk!)