Wide blue skies, soft water.


Sail Number
Year Built
Traditional by Herbert Woods
22.0 feet
H T Percival of Horning
Wood (Clinker)

A traditional punt of 22 ft built by H.T. Percival of Horning in 1936. She was the first commission for a racing dinghy for the then young Percival! 1936 Mr and Mrs Peter Cator . 1967 Dr Wickness . 1970 Dr I. M. M. Fraser .1978 Mr and Mrs J Barham . 1985 J. M Evans. 1986 Paul Hinton Sprowston . In 1989 she passed into the hands of her present owners , Rev and Mrs Neville Khambatta as a wreck on the understanding that she would be re-built. At this stage she was still in the condition in which she was built.Hull clinker planked in narrow mahogany planks and a carvel planked bottom using soft-wood deal planking with a tongued and grooved deck covered in trackmark. The mast was the 1936 piano wire spruce mast, three sets of straight narrow spreaders and jumpers at the top above the hounds. Paul Bown of Ashamnaugh rebuilt her over the winter of 89/90 with a plywood bottom, ply spine incorporating the centreboard case and rudder box and a new ply deck. the cockpit has the coaming and seats typical of a traditonal punt. She returned to the Barton punt fleet late in 1990, completely varnished and carrying her old mast. The stem and stern post together with the hull planking is orginal. A new suit of sails was followed by a metal mast rigged with a trapeze and later a suit of sails cut for the mast. All these changes resulted in improved performance and revised handicap. Professional foils from Alan Powell of Quicksiver Foils followeed and in 2005 the rig was replaced with Selden carbon mast and boom and a set of sails from Jeckells with a Mylar/Kevlar main and dacron jib. The handicap was revised again! Hull weight 396lbs

Ownership History

  • Ruth Owen (2015 to present)
  • James Owen (2015 to present)
  • Rev Neville Khambatta (1989 to present)
  • V Khambatta (1989 to present)
  • Paul Hinton (1986 - 1989)
  • J M Evans (1985 - 1986)
  • Mr & Mrs J Barham (1978 - 1985)
  • Dr I M M Fraser (1970 - 1978)
  • Dr Wickness (1967 - 1970)
  • Mr & Mrs Peter Cator (1936 - 1967)
The Khambattas